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In search of ....THM bread I can love

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

A dear friend, Tammie, introduced me to the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) lifestyle, and it's truly been a blessing! There are plenty of blogs and posts explaining THM, but my "nutshell" explanation is food freedom based on the principle of timing and separation of fats and carbs: I separate foods that have satisfying fats (S foods) from those that have energizing carbs (E foods). There is no calorie counting, but there are good choices. I am assuming the reason you found this post is because you already know about THM and love the lifestyle too!

A fundamental principle of THM is that those energizing carbs should be "good" carbs, those that don't spike sugar levels and are low on the glycemic index.

For many THMers, breads can be an issue since most breads we are accustomed to eating are made of carb-laden wheat flours. While there are plenty of bread recipes that use non-wheat flours (coconut and almond, for example) and are fine with S foods, I tried many recipes (including keto bread recipes), but I just couldn't enjoy the flavor that resulted. I tried - I wanted that bun with my burger - but after awhile I gave up finding an S bread I would actually eat!

So I began my search for a compromise "E" bread, and it soon became clear that "sprouted flour" was going to be key! Sprouted flour is lower on the glycemic index and acts more like a vegetable than a carb to one's digestive system. No kidding. Do a little research and see what you think. Here is one article.

I discovered Joyful Jane's Sprouted Whole Grain and Honey Bread - a wonderful recipe! I didn't have a local source for the "To your Health" flour recommended but had some limited success with the local flour I used. The problem was that with my many bread didn't rise all that well. My bread tasted good but was heavy and made very small slices for servings. It is possible that the flour recommended , "To your Health", is really that much different (lighter?) than generic sprouted flour, and that was the reason my bread didn't compare well.

One good thing that came out of my first sprouted flour bread experiments is that I picked up a "bread machine" at a thrift store to make the dough. Fantastic litlittle gadget!

Then a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Nana's Little Kitchen's Savory Sprouted Wheat Cottage Bread, and had what I would describe as a breakthrough in terms of VOLUME! I didn't add the onion to the recipe but I thought the flavor was very good even without it.

Within the last week I have developed a "hybrid" recipe that uses part of Joyful Jane's recipe (specifically, the idea of adding a touch of wheat flour to the sprouted flour) and part of Nana's Little Kitchen recipe (the use of egg whites and baking soda). I give credit to both ladies for their wonderful recipes that inspired my Sprouted Wheat Sandwich Bread recipe, to be shared in my next post.

THM Bread...that's practically foolproof!

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