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Baby Argyle Vest

Pattern for an heirloom argyle baby vest!

So often we spend considerable time knitting baby sweaters that can only be worn for one, short season. And because babies’ growth rates are so unpredictable…’s easy to miss that season altogether! The generous arm and v-neck openings of this vest help to ensure that your project will have maximum wear time over several seasons by your little one!

Fingering cotton yarn makes for a cool, washable, fine gauged garment to highlight the details of the argyle pattern. The argyle works up with body…. without being bulky. I’ve listed two yarn options: Lustrado (from Elann) and Aunt Lydia’s Crochet thread, but you could use other fingering weight yarns, too.

The twisted ribbing stitch improves the definition and stability along the openings and gives a crisp, clean look. Even if you’ve never tried twisted ribbing, I think you’ll like the look it produces with this vest.

Price: $5.50 USD                 

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